our programmes for schools


We currently work with 6 schools in and around Durham City, delivering cost-free debating clubs with the aim of learning formal debating and learning about current affairs.

  • 10 week programme (November 2020-March 2021)

  • Delivered by top mentors - all Durham University students

  • Taught British-Parliamentary Format

  • Free entry for up to two teams from each school to the North-East State Schools Debating Championship in July 2019

  • Cost: Free

If your school is non-selective and non-fee paying within 40 minutes of Durham Bus Station, sign up for our 2020/2021 Programme here or email mel@voiceitoracy.org.uk for more information.


We would love to be able to run regular, weekly clubs in every school who wanted to bring debating into their classrooms, but our mentors are university students - most of whom don’t drive - and can only commit a few hours a week, so we send them to schools within 40 mins of their university.

However, we don’t want any school to miss out, and as such, can organise to send a mentor in either for a day or half a day as a one-off workshop (or, depending on distance, as a monthly arrangement). This focuses on teaching the basics of debating, introducing students to formal debating and hopefully will show students how fun debating can be. Our workshops aim to help you start up a student or teacher-led debating club, or to supplement an existing one.

If you are a state-funded school please email to enquire about free workshops

If you are a fee-paying school please email to enquire about paid workshops