Camp 2020

At VoiceIt, we know what a turbulent year 2020 has been so far. With COVID-19 restrictions in place in many countries in some form for an indeterminate time, most summer camps have been cancelled, including most debate camps. It has been an incredibly difficult time, and we can't solve anyone's problems, but we don't want students to miss out on the incredible friendships, memories, knowledge, and experiences that can be made through summer camps. That's why we are holding a virtual-debate camp online in the summer of 2020. We can't promise it will be the same as going to a physical camp, but all our teachers are determined to re-create the magical environment of camp through a computer screen. 

We want this camp to be as accessiable to as many students from as many countries as possible. As such we are running two streams based on British Summer Time (12pm-5pm), and Eastern Standard Time (8am-1pm). Although we are running two different streams, one of the best things about an online summer camp is being able to meet people from all over the world. As such, students in both time streams will share practice debates, elective classes and socials. 

COST: £250 per student. Fee-reductions and complete bursaries available upon proof of need. 

Any student who needs it for the completion of the camp will be provided with 5 x 24 hour FON wifi-passes (alternatives available if not in range of a FON hotspot) 

*Guaranteed classes of 15 or smaller, taught by accomplished debaters and teachers 

*Open to students of all countries and all experience-levels

*Online social events and elective classes 

*E-certificates for completion of the programme

*All students to receive a feedback report upon completion of the programme 

*All teachers will have undergone a background check (DBS)

This camp will consist of three days of debate instruction and practice debates, one day of public speaking, and a competition. 

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Please download our camp brochure here.